Every day is an opportunity to leave our mark in the world, to tell stories and create original artifacts. Outback is driven by our small team of artists and storytellers, and the fuel in our tank is our collective passion for our craft. We're a laid-back boutique with plenty of room for creativity, but no space for a board room. And while we may not have a big corporate footprint, the ten little feet that fill our shoes have one fundamental thing in common: hustle.

  • Tim

    Creative Editor

  • Jason


  • Nadia


  • Alice

    Office Manager

Tim Vece

Creative Editor

Tim turned his talking points in late, so he only gets half credit. He could make up a story about why it took so long, and you'd believe every word. That's because telling stories is what Tim's best at. Whether it be a funny anecdote about his rooster, the scoop on what's going on in the industry, or an explanation of how seahorses mate, storytelling is just in his blood.

Though his editing accomplishments may be many (massive national campaigns, Super Bowl ads, you name it), you won't hear him talk about them. When you're in his room, your project is the only thing he's focused on. All jobs carry the same weight and no matter what size the budget, Tim would rather burn the midnight oil and sleep on our couch than send someone out the door unhappy (he's done that).

Tim shares his knack for telling stories through pictures with the comic books you'll find in his suite. Along with music, they were influences from an early age. He's recently started learning guitar too, you might hear him pluck a little between gigs. But mostly you'll just hear him editing the same 3 second clip over and over, getting the cut to be just right. Tim takes pride in what he does and works every day to hone his craft. He's the first one here in the morning and the last one out at night. Stop by anytime, his light will be on. Maybe he'll tell you a story.

IF I WASN'T AN EDITOR I'D BE: America's foremost conspiracy theorist

Jason Dettmer


Jason likes creating things in any form, whether it be motion graphics, drawing, painting or building a functioning metropolis with his daughter's blocks. If you handed him some decoupage or a macramé set he'd probably get way too into it. The thought of helping his children make the coolest school craft projects in the history of history makes him salivate.

Music has always been Jason's chief inspiration. Poke your head into his suite and you might hear a rare 60s psych gem or some weird electro beats driving his designs. Poke in even further and you can play a game of Guess How Many Browser Tabs Jason has Open at One Time (Hint: a lot).

Jason's philosophy is pretty simple, try to make every project better than the last one. He knows you can never truly master your craft, just keep refining and improving, something he hasn't stopped doing since his days at UF. So when he's not working, you can usually find him working.

IF I WASN'T A DESIGNER I'D BE: Way better at Rockband

Nadia Robertson

Producer/Client Services

Here's a little exercise for you. Think of a movie. Scratch your head and dig deep now, maybe a small niche horror flick or an obscure French film about a cat in a windowsill. Now ask Nadia if she's ever seen it.

Spoiler alert: she has, probably twice. She also knows who directed it and what their Starbucks order is. Well, maybe not that last part, but trust us, her knowledge is extensive. She's made a ton of her own films too. That's right, we're talking hundreds. So when she's not watching movies, she's making them. Her husband works in our burgeoning Georgia film industry too, so these guys are all-in.

Perhaps it was inevitable then for Nadia to find her way into producing. We're certainly glad she did, she's a natural at it. If you want a friendly person to talk to about details like bids, budgets, schedules, or find out what theater is showing that Italian film about the llama who falls in love with his shepherd, Nadia can help you with all of that.


Alice Gregson Office Manager

Hailing from a small town in the midwest, Alice is the sports mom we all wish we had. If you don't see her here, she's probably with her family at a music festival or one of her sons' baseball, basketball, football, or [insert more sports here] events. That's right, she knows more about sports than you do. She should probably start charging for March Madness bracket advice.

Bringing that teamwork and never-back-down attitude, Alice is our team mom, the glue that holds everything together around here. She knows what she's doing, which makes sense since she's been a business manager for over 20 years (even though she never ages). In that time she has become our front office MVP and the joyful face you see when you walk through our door. She absolutely loves people!



What We Do

Outback does a whole bunch of post production stuff for a whole bunch of clients. We have a lot of tools in our bag too, but none are as important as the artists who use them. After all, tools come and go, but talent doesn't. These are just some of our capabilities, complete with some shameless name-dropping.

Creative Editorial

Short Form & Long

It all starts with good stories, and we've built a business around telling them effectively. From broadcast commercials to long-form video and film, if you shoot it, we can edit it. We edit primarily on Avid systems, but can also cut with Premiere or Final Cut Pro if you're into that.

You need a break from the office, so come order lunch and hang out in one of our comfy edit suites or grab a drink and plop in front of our 80 inch tv. We can even bring in the masseuse to ease all that tension you'll have from watching us work so hard. Or you can stay at the office and watch the cuts we post online for you...because that's just as enjoyable. Either way, whether it's' big or small, hilarious or heartfelt, we'll help you craft the story you want to tell:

  • TV Commercials

  • Episodic Television

  • Corporate Videos

  • Internet Content

  • Feature Films

  • Documentaries

Motion Graphic Design

2D & 3D Animation

Some of the most powerful stories today are being told through animation. Fortunately for us, nothing excites us more than putting art and design into motion. Bring us your storyboard and we'll bring it to life...or bring us nothing and we'll design something from scratch.

Everything is made to order around here using a variety of tools like After Effects, Maya, Smoke, even our trusty pen and paper. So whether you need 2D, 3D, characters, typography, or you don't know what you need but you want something cool, we'll get things moving:

  • TV Commercials

  • Explainer Videos

  • Show Packaging / Interstitials

  • Internal Marketing

  • Internet / Branded Content

  • Music Videos

  • Corporate Training

  • Film Credits

Visual FX

Special Effects & Compositing

Sometimes editing projects and animation projects get married and have a baby named Visual FX. Combining effects or animation with live action can be some of the most rewarding work in post-production, even when all that hard work goes unnoticed. After all that's the whole idea, making the unbelievable believable.

So whether you need a dinosaur to walk through your shot, you want someone to sprout bionic arms, or you just want that mole removed from that dude's face, we'll employ every tool we have to create work that's noticeably unnoticeable:

  • Green Screen Compositing

  • Camera Tracking / Matchmoving

  • Special Effects

  • Wire Removal

  • Rotoscoping

  • Set Extensions

  • Matte Painting

Color Grading

Film and Video

When you want your spot to look extra amazing (not just regular amazing) and really let your footage sing, you want a colorist. We've got one of those. His name is Jeff Bauman, and he happens to be one of the best in the business. A 20-year veteran colorist, Jeff owns his own boutique called SHADE Color Studio, which lives right inside Outback.

SHADE provides color grading for a wide variety of projects from tv commercials to shorts, feature films and documentaries. Jeff colors on a DaVinci Resolve, the Aston Martin of color grading systems. Though it may look like he's piloting a spacecraft, he's really just making spots look insanely good, and if you've worked with him before you know that.

  • Feature Films

  • Commercials

  • HD Video

  • Music Videos

  • Documentaries

  • Short Films


HD and 4K

At the end of the post production process, we have to gather all the pieces and put them back together like a digital puzzle. We reassemble the high resolution project with all the color-corrected footage, VFX shots, and animated sequences, then we tweak the result to perfection. After all, everything needs to be just right before sending our baby off into the world.

We'll get everything polished up nice, slated and mastered to whatever media you need. And whether that's straight to the web, TV, DVD or the silver screen, we'll shed a little tear when it leaves us:

  • HD and 4K Conforming

  • Visual Effects

  • Polish / Touch Ups

  • Slating / Mastering

  • Encoding / Digital Distribution

  • DVD Authoring

SHADE Color Studio now lives at Outback. We're thrilled to have such a great talent here. Plus, it's another piece of the post-production pipeline that you no longer have to leave our cozy chairs to go do. Just slide into the next room and let Jeff work his magic. And at that point you might as well stick around for happy hour too, just sayin'.

SHADE Color Studio


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